A Theatrical Sampler at the Siskiyou Arts Museum in Dunsmuir

Siskiyou Arts Museum, 5824 Dunsmuir Avenue, Dunsmuir, CA 96025

The Siskiyou Arts Museum is inviting all who love live theater to join us for “A Theatrical Sampler” presented by Tim Holt. The College of the Siskiyous The College of the Siskiyous Performing Arts Dept., Siskiyou Senior Players, and the New Frontier Theater Company, will all present selections from their productions. A $5 donation for the event is suggested. Audience members will have a chance, during an intermission, to talk one-on-one with directors and actors from each company. The College of the Siskiyous Performing Arts Dept. will present a preview of its upcoming production of the Greek tragedy “Antigone” by Sophocles, an ancient ‘resistance’ drama that continues to be relevant in our modern times. It challenges us to question the position of the individual within the society, the fairness of society‚Äôs laws and what happens when the individual rises up against those laws that they deem unjust. This classic tragedy also highlights the empowerment of women. “Antigone” will be performed the first two weekends in April at the college. On a lighter note, the Senior Players will present two of its most popular skits: “The Difference Between Men & Women” is a tongue-in cheek study of the respective inhabitants of Mars & Venus. As with most humor, it has more than a grain of truth in it. In “The Complaint Department,” the main character has to deal with the complications that arise when he tries to return an embarrassingly personal item to the store he bought it from. The Senior Players will be performing the last two weekends in April at the College of the Siskiyous. The New Frontier Theater Company, led by Bennett Gale, will also present samples of the company’s work.

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