From the Page to the Stage

All Saints Episcopal Church, 2150 Benton Drive, Redding, CA

On April 13, Shasta College Theatre Department Professor Jessica Fletcher Wiechman will present a beginner’s guide to playwriting. She will explain that while plays and novels have the same underlying story structure, character development and themes, the approach to writing and the final product that emerges from each process are very different. This presentation will focus on the aspects of storytelling and the specific skills that a playwright must master in order to write a successful stage play. Jessica will cover a number of topics that set theatre apart from novels, including: The basic layout and format of a script, character development through dialogue and action; character objectives, conflict and changing tactics that create strong character arcs; different types of theatre spaces and the strengths and weaknesses of each; common practices and steps for “workshopping” new plays; finding freedom in handing over artistic and technical control and collaborating successfully with a team. This presentation aims to give writers the basic tools and confidence to take their ideas From the Page to the Stage.

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