Life By Moonlight: Night Hike

The moon affects more than just the ocean tides; it affects all living things. Come discover Bidwell Park at NIGHT! We’ve lined up night hikes to correspond to the different moon phases, so you can experience the full spectrum of the Park at night. Which animals and birds are more active during the full moon as opposed to the new moon? How is the night sky different? How does the moon affect plant growth? Join one of our certified naturalists for a free program and find out!
January (Full Moon), February (New Moon), March (Waxing Moon), April (Full Moon), May (Full Moon)
Photo: Graphic from Fine Art America

Venue: Chico Creek Nature Center
1968 E 8th St
Chico, CA 95928
Phone: (530) 891-4671
Hours: 11am-4pm Wednesday-Saturday
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