Magalia Serpentine Fire Recovery Hike

The Magalia Serpentine has been a popular wildflower viewing site among botanists and others for many years. This area of serpentine soil and outcrops is best known for its stand of McNab cypress and also for a number of rare species. This area burned quite thoroughly during last year’s Camp Fire. This field trip will explore the recovery of the herbaceous plants as well as the shrubs and McNab cypress. We might see slopes of wildflowers and green slopes of new growth, especially McNab cypress seedlings. Or we might see a moonscape of bare ground and dead trees. Either way, it will be a fascinating glimpse of one of our natural landscapes responding to a natural process. We would like to occasionally hike off the road going through his area, but how much depends on what there is to see and on safety.

Meet at Chico Park and Ride west lot at 9:30 am or the parking area at Skyway and Coutolenc Road at 10 am. Wear sturdy shoes or boots and bring lunch or water. Call leaders: Lawrence Janeway, Plumas NF Botanist, and Marjorie McNairn at 530-343-2397 for more information.

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