Sierra Nevada Presents! Leftover Salmon

For the past quarter-century, Colorado’s Leftover Salmon has established itself as one of the
great purveyors of Americana music, digging deep into the well that supplies its influences;
rock ‘n’ roll, folk, bluegrass, Cajun, soul, zydeco, jazz and blues. They are firmly settled in the
long lineage of bands that defy simple categorization, instead setting their own musical
agenda. They are the direct descendants of bands like Little Feat, New Grass Revival,
Grateful Dead and The Band, born of the heart and soul of America itself, playing music that
reflects the sounds emanating from the Appalachian hills, the streets of New Orleans, the
clubs of Chicago, the plains of Texas, and the mountains of Colorado…

Venue: Sierra Nevada Big Room
1075 East 20th Street 
Chico, CA 95928
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