Still Worri3D

I’m everybody’s Uncle Marty here with Daytona The On The Airedale, this is The 3D RadioActivity‘s 673rd gathering, as again we advise that you put life’s concerns aside for our hour of music that will allay most of anything that has you WORRYING. With a dozen WORRIES for you this time, next week we can…read more »

Introducing Psychedelic Saturday

In an effort to showcase current psychedelic rock bands that would have fit right in during the heyday of psychedelic rock music, we are going to turn you on to a super trippy, mind-blowing musical experience on Saturdays, beginning at 1 PM ET, noon Central and 10 AM PT on Acid Flashback Radio. Get ready…read more »

The RadioActivity Takes The 5th Ride

This is the 671st gathering of The 3D RadioActivity, as Daytona and everybody’s Uncle Marty are going to musically testify as we take the fifth trip featuring a variety of RIDES and passengers. There’s sixteen RIDES and RIDERS for you. Don’t have any consternation over what’s to come, as we will go back to WHY…read more »

Ra3Dio Out

This is the final 2022 edition and chapter 669 of The 3D RadioActivity as Daytona the “On The Airedale” and everybody’s Uncle Marty wrap up the year with a bang as that’s how we’re going OUT. Whew, another year is over, however that means the next one is about to begin soon, so we will…read more »

3D Over 5X

I’m Everybody’s Uncle Marty with my sidekick Daytona on The 3D RadioActivity, number 668 as we investigate which direction OVER will take us for the fifth time. This chapter is just about OVER, be sure to check in next time as we say goodnight to 2022 as we go OUT. Got any suggestions? Then tell…read more »

Psychedelic Time Warp – Theme: Sci-Fi

Hosted by Bart Shore. This show’s theme is Science Fiction. Songs about time travel, the dystopian future, robots, and space ships. Hear music from Elton John, David Bowie, The Byrds, ELO, Deodato, Rush, Alan Parsons, Neil Young, Deep Purple, the Rolling Stones. Also featuring two segments from Jeff Wayne’s Musical War of the Worlds, a…read more »

Music Now Radio LATER

I’m Uncle Marty to all along with DaytonAiredale, this is our 667th party in progress on The 3D RadioActivity, as we will be playing a lot more Music Now Radio LATER than what meets your ear. We’ve had fifteen LATERS overall, as we will go OVER and OUT to close this year. If you have any…read more »

666 – Mark of The 3Devil

I’m your Uncle Marty along with Daytona our On The Airedale, and this is The 666th exploit of  The 3D RadioActivity. In modern popular culture, this number of the beast has become one of the most widely recognized symbols for the Antichrist. Earnest references occur both among apocalypticist groups and in other explicit subcultures. That’s…read more »

Psychedelic Time Warp – Sun and Moon, Part 1

Hosted by Bart Shore. Sun songs. Part One is all Sun songs – sun or sunshine tunes with music from Richie Havens, the Beatles, Neville Brothers, Jonathan Edwards, Doobie Brothers, Violent Femmes, Al Stewart, Elton John, the Doors, Yes, Camel, Pink Floyd, the Police, Soundgarden, Traffic, and Jethro Tull. Also Grand Funk, Fijiid Pink, Eddie…read more »

The RadioActivity’s Fifth ReRun

I’m everybody’s Uncle Marty, with Daytona and The 3D RadioActivity‘s 665th gathering, as this time we come and go on the RUN in a snap just for you! We’ve RUN thru 15 numbers this time. Our next episode will be our 666th, which can only mean that we will feature an underworldly look at a…read more »

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