House of Hair with Dee Snider

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On air every Saturday 9pm – 12pm

Best known as the lead singer of the acclaimed rock band, Twisted Sister, Dee Snider is a radio personality, television host, author, screenplay writer, actor, doting husband of over three decades, father of four children, and a grandfather too.

Join Dee Snider every week for a three-hour ride into headbangin’ heaven! Bang your head with your fellow metalheads and check out all your ’80’s big hair band favorites – from AC/DC to Zebra, with the Scorpions, Metallica, Bon Jovi, Poison and Ozzy Osbourne thrown in too!

It’s all of The House of Hair goodness, packed into one tight little show! Every Sunday, Dee spins a different classic heavy metal tune – and throws in his commentary on all things metal! Don’t miss it – it’s your Daily House of HairCut!

Learn more about Dee and the House of Hair here!

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