Butte County reaches 301 COVID-19 related deaths

Butte County has reported through its online COVID-19 dashboard that there are a total of 301 COVID-19 deaths as of Friday.

COVID-19 cases in Butte County have started to trend downward from a summer surge, according to Lisa Almaguer, the communications manager for Butte County Public Health Department. The summer surge for Butte County started in late July.

“We hope that we won’t see another surge for the holidays. Usually, we see an increase in cases after major holidays when people come together, especially indoors,” Almaguer said. “So we might see a little increase a couple weeks after Thanksgiving and then after Christmas.”

Almaguer said that there are different factors this year, with the main one being COVID-19 vaccinations. According to covid19.ca.gov, Butte County has administered 235,176 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Almaguer also warned that with the flu circulating, there may be an increase of flu activity. Getting influenza can make you more susceptible to getting COVID-19, she said.

“I don’t think that we’re anticipating a surge like during the winter months like we had last year,” Almaguer said.

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