Chico artist brings beauty to light with stained glass

CHICO — Stained glass artist Elizabeth Devereaux of Chico has created windows that shine in churches and public buildings.

She did work for Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove in Southern California, which took three years to complete. She worked with 24 carat gold and colored glass for that project. The church belonged to a famous evangelical preacher and his son took over from him. After that, it went bankrupt and the Catholic church bought it a few years ago.

Devereaux has worked with stained glass for over 50 years. She has worked in Chico as an artist for 33 years, where she has a 4,000 square foot studio.  She mainly does work for churches and public buildings.

She worked and went to school in Marin County and grew up in Laguna Beach, where she learned about stained glass. As her children grew up, she built her business and expanded around the country. She has completed 10 projects in Michigan, two in Wisconsin, one at the University of Missouri, one in North Carolina and two in Ontario, Canada.

She has worked for Mike Wesner, director of cemeteries for the diocese.  Wesner hired Devereaux and did work with him for a mausoleum.

Devereaux studied painting and drawing at Dominican University and earned a Bachelor of Arts there. During her junior year of college, she attended the University of Vienna in Austria and studied at an art academy in Munich, Germany in her fifth year. She then studied industrial design at Long Beach State.

She got married and had a family and worked for a Belgian stained glass designer.

Devereaux said glass “appeals” to her. She also likes transparency and watercolors. She also liked working with silk screens, which led to working with stained glass.

Devereaux was a consultant for Chico Plaza. She did in ground work for the fountain design there and chess tables and columns. She also did work at a church in Paradise. Most of her work is done in Chico.

She completed another project for Christ Church in Davis, which was finished on Tuesday. She has worked with Owen Gabbert for 30 years.

“I’ve had wonderful people working for me,” Devereaux said. “Marie Swanson worked with me. She’s a quick learner.”

Devereaux’s son Chris Tallant also works for her, doing technical work.




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