County rejects initial recall papers for Coolidge, Morgan

CHICO — The notices of intention to recall Mayor Andrew Coolidge and Councilor Sean Morgan have been rejected as of Wednesday.

The city of Chico issued two separate statements for Coolidge and Morgan on the rejections, each implying that the notices did not meet the Election Code sections 100 (b) and 9020.

Last week, political group Chico Voters served recall notices to both men and began the process. The paperwork was filed with the Chico City Clerk’s Office to be verified before moving on to the next step. Both forms were revealed to have been rejected at around 5 p.m. Wednesday.

“I believe this shows what a divisive issue this actually is,” Coolidge said. “I don’t believe that trying to unseat targetted council members at this time, particularly less than a year after the election, makes any sense at all. We’re moving ahead with solutions through settlement with the federal magistrate that I think the majority of the people in the city will be very satisfied with. This council continues to show they respond well to the citizens of chico.”

Both sections of the Election Code that were allegedly violated deal in the signers’ names, signatures, addresses and voter registration although the announcement by the city of Chico did not provide more specific details as to how the documents didn’t meet the requirements.

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