Early Thanksgiving feast spreads joy for North Complex survivors

OROVILLE — Thanksgiving came three days early for survivors of the North Complex.

Survivors were treated to a Thanksgiving meal Monday catered from Tabletop restaurant with all of the fixings at the Southside Community Center, as well as music, raffles, coloring pages for children, a photo booth, supplies such as toys, blankets, pet food, pajamas and cell phones and were given a bag of groceries to take home donated from Magalia Community Church.

Every month since May 2021, Cal Hope and North Valley Catholic Social Services has put together an event for North Complex survivors.

“We want them to feel they are not forgotten and give them warm holiday memories,” said Norma Lacy, disaster case manager with Cal Hope. Lacy planned the event.

The complex, which included the Bear Fire, burned 318,935 acres in August 2020.

Survivor Clint Hunt ate his meal and took in the lively atmosphere.

“It’s great, really nice to see what they got going,” Hunt said.

Survivor Wayne Llewellyn enjoyed pie with his wife and a friend.

“The meal was really good,” Llewellyn said. “I lost my home in the fire. We’re eventually going to rebuild, but the prices are high.”

St. Vincent de Paul disaster care manager Sara Louton served rolls to survivors. “We’re making sure people get served and get what they need from us,” Louton said. “There are resources available. We want people to know how they can connect with resources in the community.”

Survivor Jeanne Neeley won a $250 Visa gift card. She plans to use the gift card to fix water lines in her home.

North Valley Catholic Social Services program manager Sendi Barrett helped check people in at the front door and handed out raffle tickets.

“We wouldn’t be able to do this without the community’s support,” Barrett said. “It brings a family atmosphere and sense of normalcy. It makes my job better and makes a difference.”

California Hope Program Manager for Northern Valley Catholic Social Services Jake Fender handed out groceries. The grocery bags held rice cakes, milk, crackers, cereal, baking supplies and canned foods such as soup. He was very pleased with the turnout.

“It’s 4:16 p.m., and we’ve got a full house,” said Jake Fender, California Hope Program Manager for Northern Valley Catholic Social Services. “A lot of survivors are feeling forgotten. This encourages them to believe otherwise.”

Northern Valley Catholic Social Services will be holding a Christmas event Dec. 10, 2021 at Lakeside Resource Center at 5250 Olive Highway, Suite J. Survivors can come in and get toys wrapped for children.

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