Five-Mile bridge remains closed after tree fell onto it

CHICO — A tree that fell onto a bridge at Five-Mile Recreation Area in Chico has been removed from the bridge.

Lynda Gizzi, the public information officer for Chico Public Works, said that the city is going to get a contractor out to the bridge at Five-Mile to do some wielding work. Some of the railing on the bridge was bent from the tree falling on top of it.

Gizzi said that Chico Public Works is expecting to have an engineer assess the bridge for any structural damage. This has to be done before the bridge is able to be reopened to the public.

“With a tree falling on it, we want to make sure that it’s structurally safe before we open it to the public,” Gizzi said.

She said that she doesn’t know exactly when they anticipate to reopen the bridge, but that the Chico Public Works is working on it. If there is any structural damage to the bridge, it will prolong the time that the bridge is closed to the public.

Once the welding work is done, the assessment of the bridge by an engineer is the next big step towards getting the bridge reopened.

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