Handcrafters showcase goods at Oroville Eagles Holiday Bazaar Fundraiser

Handcrafters showcase goods at Oroville Eagles Holiday Bazaar Fundraiser

Talented hand-crafters showcased their goods at the annual Holiday Bazaar fundraiser in Oroville on Nov. 13.

The Oroville Fraternal Order of Eagles hosted their annual Holiday Bazaar and is donating 100% of their table proceeds to Veteran Adventures, a nonprofit that helps veterans connect through recreation, and PAWS of Oroville, a low-cost nonprofit veterinary clinic.

“The Eagles are a nonprofit organization and our goal is to raise money for charities,” said Past Madam President of the Oroville Eagles Beverly Delucchi.

Later this year, the Oroville Eagles are hosting their Annual Community Free Christmas Dinner on Dec. 25 at 2010 Montgomery Street, Oroville.

They will be serving a hot Christmas meal and giving away new toys to children aged 12 and under.

  • Cynthia Vann placing her handmade stained glass elephant onto her vending table at the Holiday Bazaar in Orville on Nov. 13 2021. (Michael Weber/Enterprise-Record)

  • A couple of customers speak with Laura Zine, right, a store owner at the Holiday Bazaar in Oroville on Nov. 13 2021. Zine crafts aprons, bowl holders and soap that’s made with the milk of her goats. (Michael Weber/Enterprise-Record)

  • Stained glass maker Cynthia Vann’s artwork for sale at the Holiday Bazaar in Oroville on Nov. 13 2021. (Michael Weber/Enterpise-Record)

  • A display of store owner Joanne Bilskie featuring her handcrafted mosaics on rocks at the Holiday Bazaar in Oroville on Nov. 13 2021. Bilskie creates mosaics from stained glass and dinnerware with complex patterns. (Michael Weber/Enterprise-Record)



Several of the vendors invited to the Bazaar brought their handcrafted goods to sell to the public featuring items that can only be found locally.

Laura Zine showed up to sell at the semi-annual Bazaar for the first time to sell handcrafted aprons, bowl holders, and soap made from the milk of her goats.

“I had all this milk and needed something to do with it. If I made cheese, I’d be the only one eating it,” Zine said. “So I started making soap and started selling to friends and they said ‘hey you’ve got to make this to sell.’”

Zine’s hand makes her soap from scratch and completes the curing process at home.

“The process takes a couple of hours but they have to sit six to eight weeks before I can wrap them and sell them,” Zine said. “No water added, so it’s the good stuff.”

Stained glass maker Cynthia Vann also came to the Bazaar to sell her homemade stained glass pieces. On her display laid her figures of an elephant, a dove and a peace sign.

Vann said she learned how to make stained glass in a Butte College class taught by Mick Needham, who owns Needham’s Studios in Chico.

Another crafter Joanne Bilskie sold mosaics on rocks and said it was her third time selling at the bazaar.

“I buy plates or stained glass and I make designs,” Bilskie said, pointing at her mosaics. “This might have been a teacup.”

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