Kudos for year in review | Your opinions

Your year in review was a masterpiece by the editor, challenged as he must have been by such a wild year.

I was pleased to see my quote regarding the Jan. 6 events, calling for Doug LaMalfa to resign, featured early in the article. LaMalfa voted against Joe Biden being seated as president, and thereby contributed to the insurrection based on the big lie. It was this that inspired combat veteran and Democrat Max Steiner to move to Chico, and campaign to unseat LaMalfa. A major story for 2022.

It is still my hope that Doug LaMalfa will do the right thing and resign, to live on his government subsidized rice farm.

It was quite a political year. Recalls, gerrymandering, a referendum and both county and city governments engaged in bizarre practices which have generated thousands in legal fees for all of us to fund with our taxes. Incompetence is expensive! (Please sign the No Gerrymander Referendum)

COVID has been handled well in our county despite the antivax and anti-maskers invading the council chambers, as you pointed out in your summary. The county Health Department has valiantly, despite fake news resistance, vaccinated over 50% of Butte County. Well done. Would that all businesses would follow state guidelines on masking. Sigh.

I expect this epidemic will lead off next year’s summary, and hopefully the story will be about a return to normal. Or, perhaps it will be the likely huge losses of the Chico skate rink. Again, incompetence is expensive.

— Bill Monroe, Chico

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