Letter: A city proves that it’s cold as ice

As much as I would like to add to the cheerleading in praise of Chico’s charms, I am sickened at the sight of our city plaza being fenced off. The city’s bizarre and cruel scheme of putting in an ice skating rink in part to “disappear” our unsheltered population is emblematic of their contempt for the human rights of this population. Months and months of dithering so no sanctioned campground with sanitary facilities, toilets and essential safety as the rain pours down and winter approaches. Council members and their apologists insist that closing the plaza has nothing to do with this issue. The public is not that clueless. My friends and I, few of us skaters, will attend the opening of the Paradise rink in solidarity with that community that specifically asked Chico not to compete in this arena as their city rebuilds from the Camp Fire devastation.

— Silona Reyman, Chico


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