Letter: An obituary for the living

Dorothy Taylor of Oroville recently mentioned in her letter that Mike Wolcott’s editorial has mentioned that we should praise the living as if they were dead. Well Dorothy that has already happened. In the obituary section of the late Paradise Post, on November l, 2007, there were four obituaries. Three of the four were deceased. One was not. It seems that a close relative had placed her brother’s name there as an announcement for a celebration of life as a wonderful husband, brother, uncle, father, grandfather and friend.’ I did not read the whole obituary and hastened to attend the observance at the market where he was employed as it was the same day.  Upon arrival, lo and behold, there appeared the person mentioned in the obituary in real life.  Had I read the whole obituary I would have noted that it was his birthday and she had expressed a hope his next 55 years “will be filled with love, joy, happiness and financial security.” So, Dorothy Taylor, there has been in fact a praise for the living as if they were dead. A celebration of life is quite common nowadays.

— John H. Babcock, Chico

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