Letter: Be careful when granting presidential power

This is a semi-personal letter to frequent letter-writer Walter Ballin.

“Dear Walter:

“Stop. Please reconsider.

“Your advocacy of a totalitarian, fascist state where your political opponents belong in jail, and the President somehow is able to simply bypass Congress if they don’t rubber-stamp the agenda you favor is, whatchacall, anti-democracy. That concept is the authoritarian, dictator-like principle about which the American Revolution was fought.

“Remember this: Because of the colossal ineptitude of the Biden administration, there is a complete certainty (unless dead people vote again) that a Republican will next have the identical powers that Joe Biden’s handlers wield today.

“Please, please reconsider your advocacy of a supreme Democrat-run society. You wish for freebie health care from the same government that just lost $85 billion in weapons to the Taliban, a known terrorist organization. You wish to stack the Supreme Court with the same mindset people who won’t control the southern border.

“You wish that somebody else will pay your bills, and expand Democrat control over all of us. But some of us don’t agree that defunding the police will result in lower crime. Or releasing prisoners is a good way to defeat COVID. Or paying able people to not contribute any work effort is somehow beneficial. Or boys should compete in girls sports – or be in their bathrooms.

“Remember politics is a pendulum. The power you wish to give Biden now will be wielded by a Republican next. Be careful what you wish for.


— Barry Johnson, Chico


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