Letter: Beginning of the end of democracy?

The Texas Taliban, seeking to “cherish” its womenfolk in that old time religion way, has decided that females may not control their own bodies. Under the banners of organized superstition, they want to criminalize privacy, going so far as to “deputize” regular citizens so that they may arrest anyone suspected of seeking an abortion. Now that Texas has become an unpermitted “open carry” state, how long before the courts have to decide if a woman shot by their Religious Police falls under the “Rittenhouse doctrine”? “She was looking at a Planned Parenthood Clinic, Judge.”

This nation has spent so much money trying to liberate the oppressed abroad, we overlook the importation of those same oppressive concepts. Some members of the Supreme Court find “pedophilia less offensive than a condom.” And next June, we will find out if that body has used precedents established at the Salem Witch Trials to institutionalize a mythic fear of women.  Ironic, when we consider that the states involved in the case practice retro-active abortion.

The majority in this republic thinks choice should stay private and legal, yet the torch and pitchfork crowd, ready to burn’em at the stake, gets the hearing.  We are on a truly slippery slope when past ignorance may become current law.  It’s time to forgive Eve and her apple, and recall that Adam could have just said no.

— Phillip Hemenway, Chico 

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