Letter: Biden must do more to end filibuster

President Biden has a choice to make: Does he want to establish his legacy as a president who protected our freedom to vote, or not?

Now that Senate Republicans have filibustered the Freedom to Vote Act—a bill that was designed to get them on board—we have irrefutable proof that voting rights won’t make it through the Senate unless we abolish the filibuster.

If Biden wants to be remembered as a president who fought for voting rights, he must do more than ask the Senate to pass voting rights legislation. Biden must publicly and unequivocally support abolishing the filibuster to clear the way for these crucial reforms.

It’s time for our president to be the leader he promised to be and call on the Senate to end the filibuster and protect our right to vote.

We’re counting on him to do the right thing.

— Sonia Noemi Cross, Chico

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