Letter: Biden should be praised for courageous act

I’ve been very angry at Corporate Media, the usual Washington pundits, the Foreign Policy Establishment and the Military Industrial Complex, all constantly moaning that the US should stay in Afghanistan forever and attacking and ridiculing Biden for his very courageous decision.

I am impressed that Biden has endured the onslaught of criticism with  strength and grace.

It is too bad that the Afghans so influenced by the US do not have the courage, strength and grace to accept the Taliban win, and to work to help shape the new government.

They, like the Ashraf Ghani government and its army, gave up without a fight, and I am not suggesting a fight with weapons, I suggest a fight with respectful, courageous activism.

I sense that the Taliban leaders have learned a great deal, during their long struggle for an Afghanistan that reflects Afghan culture and heritage. It is likely that Afghanistan will be more peaceful, and in time more thriving than it has been in decades.

Russia and China will wisely be encouraging inclusivity. Hopefully, the US will incentivize inclusivity,

I hope the US doesn’t twist its knife of killing sanctions in revenge for its loss. It will be interesting to see who learned most from the past decades, the Taliban or the US.

Biden learned quicker than almost all of Washington that the US had no right or purpose to remain in Afghanistan.

I hope he continues with a wise, more life affirming and less militarized foreign policy.

— Lucy Cooke, Butte Valley

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