Letter: City budget is skating on thin ice

Back in 2017, Mayor Sean Morgan and city councilor Andrew Coolidge closed down Chico Fire Stations #3 and #6 to save $500,000 for the future. Our Chico fire stations are a critical vital safety infrastructure all citizens need and depend on.

Fast Forward to September 2021 and Mayor Andrew Coolidge and city councilor Sean Morgan approved $400,000 for a Chico Plaza ice skating rink they professed would provide $500,000 in revenue. On November 13 City Manager Mark Orme was quoted about the ice rink saying it would “at least break even.”   However, if you do the math, a cost of $400,000 at $12 a skater requires 33,333 paying skaters just to break even. The ice rink is only open for 51 days requiring 653 paying skaters per day, again just to break even. This ice rink is going to cost city taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The E-R did a story on Chico Road maintenance titled “Rocky Roads” on 2-24-18 stating Chico had nearly 300 miles of roadways and was not doing preventative maintenance because it did not have enough funds for roadways.

Andrew Coolidge and Sean Morgan have prioritized wasteful frivolous entertainment over our vital public safety infrastructure like fire stations #3, #6 and our deteriorating city roadways. Can the city’s infrastructure survive another 3 years of these men’s foolish wasteful budget practices?

— Dave Garcia, Chico


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