Letter: Daring to criticize some right-wing icons

Thoughts on recent letters:

1)  Letter writer David Walton thinks talk of environmental collapse — and here he really ought to do some reading — is best met with Chicken Little, cartoon-type snarkiness. (Yawn.) We’re past that point, but I suppose in the Butte County bubble of ignorance third grade wit remains a marketable gambit.

Also, it appears Walton is offended. I’ve dared to criticize his right wing icons: Council Member Sean Morgan, Jesus Center ED Laura Cootsona and weatherman Anthony Watts. I think I understand why this is painful.  Morgan is bent on driving the poorest people out of Chico by denying services — a cherished right wing fantasy. Cootsona engineered a new, high-barrier Jesus Center, no longer providing food and clothing to the streets — a cherished right wing goal. And Watts will hold Walton’s sweaty hand as we drive our overconsuming, right wing civilization into a wall — how’s that for a cartoon image?

2)  Two letter writers deserve praise: Linda Furr and Silona Reyman. Both wrote compelling letters condemning the closure of Chico City Plaza for the third time in 2021. Both Furr and Reyman spent their professional lives working with people in crisis. Both have spent many hours on the streets, actually meeting those most affected by the plaza closure.  And both find it unconscionable that we put the value of a recreational bauble over the survival of those most in need of access to the public space — not least of all, access to restrooms, now fenced-off from public use.

— Patrick Newman, Chico


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