Letter: Districts should put residents’ needs first

The Butte County supervisors should not draw districts simply to help Debra Lucero avoid an opponent in next year’s election.

Supervisor Lucero’s preferred plan to create a district that stretches from Gridley all the way up to the Butte/Tehama border makes no sense. Yes, it would make her opponent ineligible to run against her; but that’s not the purpose of redistricting.

North Chico is a unique area that needs a representative on the Board of Supervisors who will be a champion for North Chico issues like flood control, air service, development and transportation.

It would be a disservice to the residents of Biggs and Gridley to draw them into such a large district that puts their priorities at odds with the interests of North Chico.

It would also be a disservice to residents of suburban North Chico to put them in a district combined with the urban core of Chico. Let’s face it, students living in three-story tall apartment buildings downtown don’t share much in common with families living on a half-acre parcel off Keefer Road.

Districts should be drawn in a fair manner that respects the different areas of our county. The Board of Supervisors should not let Debra Lucero rig the process to benefit her own personal political agenda.

— Dustin Bush, Chico


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