Letter: Establishment Democrats a cause for concern

The Establishment/Centrist Democrats have made a farce of the originally bold Build Back Better bill.

Its second biggest program is now a tax cut for the wealthy, raising the Salt deduction.

For that reason, and the Establishment/Centrist Democrats’ incredibly stupid support for the US extraordinarily over militarized, vicious foreign policy, I will vote only for Real Progressive candidates, who really support bold policies to make a real difference in the grotesquely obscene inequality and injustice that define the US extraordinarily violent, dysfunctional society and government.

If Republicans win, I no longer care.

Wall Street supporting, status quo protecting, warmongering Establishment Democrats offend me as much as Republicans.

At least Trump did not start any more wars, unlike Obama.

The insane, unwarranted hate and fear of Russia and China, so tirelessly promoted by the Establishment media, has made me realize that those Establishment/Centrist Democrats are going to kill the future with their stupidity.

That those Establishment Democrats CANNOT SEE the OBVIOUS, they are oblivious to the horrors of the US post 9/11 wars that killed about a million, more than 360,000 were civilians.

The number of refugees and displaced persons from the post 9/11 wars is estimated at over 38 million.

Russia and China have done nothing like the killing and country wrecking that the US has done in the last 20 years.

Establishment Democrats reek of stupidity … and cowardice, very lucrative traits for them.

Pathetic, that there is no viable antiwar movement … when the US is killing the future.

— Lucy Cooke, Butte Valley 

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