Letter: Four-footed dream becoming a reality

I am overwhelmed with appreciation and gratitude to Katie Gonser and Ken Grossman, for the new Butte Humane Society being built on Garner Lane. I have visited many facilities in California, but this one will top them all. Katrina Woodcox, the executive director, took me on a tour of the facility a week ago. She said they are planning an Open House soon, so watch for the dates.

It’s a new 10 acre campus in north Chico, and it’s going to include an educational center, a medical facility, dog and cat adoption, grooming, a dog park with pool and splash area, agility course, kitten and puppy nurseries, and much more.

Years ago, I wrote a letter to the Chico Enterprise-Record, stating that our four-footed, voiceless animals needed help. I never lost faith that it would happen.

The campaign to raise money for it is called, The Journey Home. The website is bhsjourneyhome.com

Thank you, Katie and Ken, for making this happen!

— Lois Pantel, Chico

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