Letter: From the fool’s gold mouthpiece

The former Republican Party’s core conservative beliefs included: individual freedom; limited government; the rule of law; fiscal responsibility; peace through strength, and human dignity.

Past Republican presidents built our massive highway system, created the EPA, turned us into a debtor nation, and started two major wars costly in human life and taxpayer dollars.

Today’s Republican Party opposes funding infrastructure and, protecting the environment, blames Obama for the wars, and opposes immigration, except for Rupert Murdoch. They’d kick Ronald Reagan out of the Party which has become unrecognizable from its original foundation, morphing into an anti-democracy assemblage of beliefs counter to America’s true values.

The foundation of the current party’s platform is built on side-shows, spectacles, trolling, performance art, and theatre, denying the existence of a deadly virus, building roadblocks to prevent programs designed to ensure public health safety.

Sample of misfits: Disgraced general Michael Flynn calls for a national religion; Representative Boebert spends her time spewing caustic anti-muslim slander at congressional colleagues; Representative Cawthorn declared “Be Armed, Be Dangerous” while telling mothers to “raise your sons to be monsters”. Representative Greene was stripped of her committee assignments because of incendiary and violent statements; Representative Gosar was censored for producing a video depicting him killing a women colleague and threatening the president.

Taking liberty to paraphrase, Bob Dylan’s lyric clearly elucidates the Republican Party’s shameful demise from honorable governing: “From the fool’s gold mouthpiece the hollow horn, Plays wasted words, proves to warn, That they’re not busy being born but busy dying.”

— Roger S. Beadle, Chico

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