Letter: Longtime reader likes ‘a slice of nice’

For the last 40+ years I don’t believe I’ve missed even one E-R. Can honestly say that I’ve never enjoyed an editor as much as Mike Wolcott. Mike’s one-man crusade to make Chico a “nicer” place makes me smile. And having lost dear friends to politicalization and watching this country being so divisive … well, it’s just a “Slice of Nice” which we so desperately need.

To see letters pouring in with little but happiness is so refreshing. I’ve never met Mike but would like to consider him a friend. To not see the 12 talking heads who continually pollute the letters to the editor (on both sides of the fence) whose arrogance is so strong that they must believe that everyone is waiting for their next “pearls of wisdom” (to the point that they even have personal fights that get published) has been just a breath of fresh print. I for one, first scan to see which repetitive names appear and choose to skip their diatribe. Mom used to tell me “if you have nothing good to say … shut up.”

— Scott Schulman, Chico 

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