Letter: Map A6 is the answer

I attended the Butte County Supervisor’s redistricting discussion Nov. 9 and was aghast that the several maps prepared by the consultant – which had been previously discussed – were side-lined for a new one submitted by Supervisor Teeter.

Teeter’s map sliced Chico into four districts and seemed to use the 50% of the Butte County population in Chico as a reservoir of voters to facilitate the reelection of the three non-Chico supervisors. If this map – even with slight modifications – is selected it will inevitably lead to litigation.

Instead, at the Nov. 22 supervisor’s final redistricting discussion starting at 1 p.m., Map A6 will be presented for consideration.  Map A6 follows the spirit and legal requirements of our redistricting legislation, including the Federal Voting Rights Act, the Fair Maps Act, and the Constitution.  Although reelection of incumbents is not supposed to be a consideration, it will permit all sitting supervisors to run for reelection.

As a personal note, the portion of Chico north of Hwy 99 where I live would move from the Agricultural District to the Ridge one.  I can live with this change knowing that tens of thousands of Chico residents need to be attached to other less populated districts.

I urge the Supervisor’s to select Map A6.

— Bruce McLean, Chico

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