Letter: Never letting a crisis go to waste

Just because a piece of legislation comes out of blue Sacramento and we paid a “unbiased” consultant to follow the law does not mean a map is fair.  A lawfully gerrymandered map would be just as bad as any other. Churchill said  to “never let a good crisis go to waste.”  But Be it Camp Fire or COVID, a crisis  or disaster should not be used to consolidate power in a legalized power grab and so maybe the law should be tested. History has shown that laws, (born in political leverage), can be in and of themselves unjust, even after multiple reviews by our highest courts.

After all, our highest Supreme Court is still composed of flawed human beings, e.g. political appointees with opinions and biases. For me some form of mathematical/geographical algorithm could be unbiased but then may not connect areas of common interest. Then we would be arguing about who gets to write that formula, Oh …   “Artificial” intelligence. God save us from ourselves.

— James Jenkins, Oroville

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