Letter: No sympathy for those with careless disregard

It was encouraging to see the rains that brought copious amounts of rain to our area. It had been a very long time. The creeks and rivers so parched for so long swelled with the runoff. Unfortunately the culture camped out at KOA Comanche Creek had to deal with the onslaught. Getting one’s belongings and camp soaked is definitely inconvenient as anyone who camps for recreation will attest to as it is all too common.

As I stood at the Ord Ferry culvert that channels irrigation and runoff into the LLano Seco wildlife preserve from both Butte Creek and Comanche Creek drainage I watched a worker cleaning vegetation impeding flow at the roadway. It was truly astonishing (disgusting) at the vast number of syringes bobbing in the flow heading out to the wetlands for possible consumption and pollution of this gem. I wonder what other forms and amounts of human pollution unseen were in those waters?  I suppose I should feel sorry for the user that had these devices swept from their campsite or those that were merely flushed after a careless disposal into a waterway, dry or flowing. Sorry, no sympathy from me. I choose for the health of our waterways, the creatures that inhabit the area and the land that I farm over careless disregard and lack of respect from others. Enough should be enough.

— Greg Wheeler, Chico

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