Letter: One funky monkey to boot

The front page Sunday story about racing in Paradise put a big smile on my face. Precious. Something seemed off though. I counted the kids and the cars. Fishy. Numbers didn’t quite jive. I took a break to feed my wife’s 30 cats then made a few phone calls. Had a hunch. Learned from the secretary for Rick Hendrick that I was missing a few screws. Confirmation! My neighbor had just stolen my coffee can of nuts and nails and things. Knew I was on to something. Knew the “Derby” was rigged.

Upon further investigation it’s obvious the dude dressed as the giant monkey in the background is really Kyle Larson. One funky monkey to boot. He just can’t stop! Needs to be involved in everything. Now I guess he’s adding to racing at the fairgrounds too. There’s been a bunch of similars over the years that are famous big deals yet donate masses to the masses here. Involved in Chico and Butte County. Pretty cool. We’re fortunate. Weird monkey though. He must have been hot with all that on. Real pro.

— Chris Durniak, Chico 

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