Letter: Play by the rules or lose the next election

Yep; just allow Joe to change the rules by executive fiat. That sounds more like a dictator or more like a sore loser. FDR tried the Supreme Court packing to get his way. Almost had his head handed to him.  Harry Reid as Senate Majority leader could not stand the pace of working with the rules so he changed the terms of votes for Federal Judges. Did this matter? Well Reid passed more Federal Judges during his term; but Supreme Court Judges are ‘Federal Judges.’

Now you wish for Biden to pack the court after the Repubs used Reid’s rule change to put a majority of conservatives on the bench. Now we need executive privilege to change the rules again to ‘Pack the Bench’ so the Dems can have it their own way again.

Best get Joe to grant your wish for Christmas as the House and Senate will be Republican next Christmas. That is my thought and wish. Tell the dictator to play by the rules or lose the next election by a large margin.

— Chuck Jasper, Corning

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