Letter: Possible reasons for increases in crime

People seem puzzled by the sudden increase in crime. Our ruling class tells us the pandemic caused it.

Is it possible there may be a few other inconvenient facts involved?

We’ve watched Hillary and Bill play peek-a-boo with the justice system and most of the Ten Commandments. The Clintons, Obamas, Pelosi, and others have become multi-millionaires on the job.

Everyone except the mainstream media and the justice system knows about the Biden family selling themselves to China, Ukraine, and Russia etal.. Biden openly ignores rulings from SCOTUS.

We can’t discuss Fauci’s connections to the Wuhan lab.

Our immigration laws have been sent to outer space.

We’ve watched cities being plundered and burned with the elite cheering it on, except for when the wrong people demonstrate. (Jan. 6. and parents at school board meetings.)

We’ve watched police being abused and insulted, and that’s just by our elected criminals. They get it worse on the street.

It’s a citizen’s duty to testify against violence, so the perp won’t do it again. But what if he’s back on the streets the next day?

We’ve watched DAs refuse to prosecute even the easy ones, and violent felons let out of prison so they won’t catch the flu.

Humans, like government school attendees and most of the animal kingdom learn by copying role models.

Vigilantism is one crime that will get you arrested. So who’s left to stop the bad guys?

According to our Declaration of Independence: If the government no longer protects our rights …

— Jack McWherter, Cherokee

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