Letter: Put down the phone and try dialogue instead

Many years ago my favorite Evangelical was Tony Campolo who reminded us: When we were children we prayed “If I should die before I wake…”.  Instead we should pray: “I hope to wake before I die.”

Today we live in a world where information about the world, politics, history and moral values is abundant and available to all.  I’d like to think that when I see people alone or in groups all huddled in the cell phone crouch viewing something on their phones that they are discussing the profound ideas of our time.

Do the conveniences of modern life such as phones and television enhance our world view, our standards of morality? Or is our phone filled with cat videos and worse.  Who were Kant, Goethe, or Campolo?  Do we just watch Fox News or MSNBC and never cross over to the other to see what they are talking about?

We must initiate a dialogue with those who disagree with us and refrain from judging but be free to disagree and still care about them.  Until we do that we are stuck with stupid cat videos and worse.  And, no I am not recommending either Fox or MSNBC as a source for personal improvement.

— Larry Baumbach, Chico


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