Letter: Revisiting rights, and a good dictionary

Recently I wrote: “Simple words spoken at a sixth grade level are understood by all and have the power to amuse and enlighten freethinkers and to annoy brainwashed knaves and fools.”

Shortly thereafter the annoyed James Jenkins and Dave Walton tripped over each other to prove me right.

James slept during botany 101, otherwise he would have known fruit trees & other plants abort fruit prematurely due to lack of resources — same reasons many humans abort.

Jenkins throws around words like FREEDOM, CONSTITUTION and COMPASSION. I have got my 2 and a half shots of Moderna and wear a mask in public. Can James say the same thing or does his warped interpretation of the constitution and misguided sense of freedom to spread Covid represent his idea of compassion?

Dave dusted off his thesaurus to produce a list of derogatory terms, that’s great because a few conservatives pulled out their dictionaries to glean the words’ meanings.

The word “observe,” defined as notice or perceive. James should carefully observe his fruit trees and both gentlemen would do well to observe how Trump’s litany of lies are destroying America.

The word “pathetic,” defined as miserably inadequate. “Pathetic” applies to gullible conservatives, like the Q believers in Texas who were disappointed when John Kennedy did not come back to life & appoint Trump as the legitimate President.

— Jorge Smirnoff, Chico 

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