Letter: Seeking out the answers one wants

Chuck Jasper, having taken lots of time to think, begins by asking (1) why the US is leading the world in COVID percentage deaths, (2) why the third world is faring so much better, (3) might the third world be using medicines we’re not allowed to use, (4) might the US be the victim of profit motivated vaccine manufacturers, and (5) why aren’t clinical trials being conducted on all the existing drugs on the chance some of them would work for COVID?Who are the socialists, really?

If Jasper wanted objective answers to the questions he asked, he could have found them with little effort, but those answers wouldn’t be the ones he obviously wants. Firstly, our COVID vaccines are quite effective and provide us a level of protection most in the third world lack. Secondly, if Jasper believes in capitalism, as both Democrats and Republicans do, he should applaud the profit motive instead of assuming profit seekers are evil. Thirdly, physicians are allowed to use any drug on the market for “off-label” treatment. Lastly, collecting data to establish a drug is safe and effective is expensive and no entity will undertake that effort without confidence in success.

— Dave Weiner, Chico

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