Letter: Simply a wolf in greenwashed sheepskin

Chico Stewards for Parks and Waterways (CSPW) is an environmental organization — said nobody, ever. Because I’ve managed for years a local environmental organization, Chico 350 Butte County, I know all the other green groups, like Sierra Club, Sunrise Movement and Butte Environmental Council (BEC).

CSPW is not a bonafide local environmental group. It is a for-profit fundraising ($21K so far) legal action group under the lead of a nuisance lawsuits specialist who sues Chico for many things — a lawsuit stopping Simplicity Village from being built to house homeless elder women in tiny homes. He also threatens citizens’ arrests, if he thinks the police are not doing their job to his liking. Rob Berry is currently suing Chico for alleged Brown Act violations — and now inserting himself in the city’s homeless lawsuit.

Now that may not be timely — filing so late into the homeless lawsuit as settlement agreement talks have been ongoing for months; it may not have alternative sites for our homeless to camp — as none of the locations listed fall outside the same parks and waterways rules as any already proffered; and “3. Intervenors do not seek or propose a solution to homelessness.”

Beyond all comprehension is Berry’s continued invitations into city business, as he was for the city’s first attempt to listen to the public regarding homeless solutions — at the exclusion of creditable service providers and he continues to be. Should he not be at least disqualified from those?

— Mary Kay Benson, Chico


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