Letter: Still in the dark about water plans

We attended last night’s 2-hour meeting on the proposed Tuscan Water District. It was painful to hear all we did not know – going back to 2017.  As property owners, why are we just hearing about this? If only half the facts are true, this situation should scare the majority of small property owners. Are you familiar with the water wars of Mono & Inyo counties – LA Dept. of Water & Power – Cadillac Desert & Chinatown – this proposal smacks of all of that & more. Yet we as Butte County property owners, were NEVER notified or presented the facts to make an informed decision. Given the opportunity to sign a petition. Doesn’t matter who stepped in or got going – all landowners were entitled to the same information.

It’s unconscionable that government officials kept so many constituents in the dark. This absolutely is to the benefit of large agribusiness that aren’t able to vote in local elections.  A pipeline down the Skyway – have you seen the pipelines that crisscross the Sierra Nevada conveying water to LA & killing the Long & Owens valleys. They’d like to convince us otherwise, but we know what we know. All done behind closed doors. We are still in the dark. The Vina GSA meeting on September 8th is a closed session topic. It should be public.

They have all kinds of rationale for this, but just like Frederick Eaton & William Mulholland – it’s the same story through the ages.

— Barbara L. Steinberg and Mike Nellor, Chico



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