Letter: Thanks for thoughtful edition on Camp Fire

I’m not going into my memories from that first day of the Camp Fire.  Between the local TV news and just watching the ugly dark plume of smoke over the Paradise-Magalia area grow until it obliterated the sun, even from north Chico there was no doubt that something awful was happening.  If you lived in this area three years ago, you have your own memories and probably none of them are good.  What I do want to do is thank the E-R for such a thoughtful and sensitive edition that was published for the anniversary of that fire.

While mostly focusing on the hopeful and upbeat aspects of recovery, the E-R was also respectful of the destruction, death, and suffering of then as well as the ongoing struggles.  It was full of stories that made me both want to cry and cheer at the same time.  So, good job and thank you.

— Jan Williams, Chico


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