Letter: The truth about violent tornadoes

President Biden blames the recent tornado outbreak in Kentucky on “climate change.” Biden states, “The fact is we all know everything is more intense when the climate is warming and obviously it has some impact here …”   Biden’s statement is laughably inept, and easily disproved.

First, the top five deadliest tornadoes in America all occurred between 1840 and 1936. Second, the last half of the 65-year U.S. tornado record had 40% fewer strong to violent tornadoes (EF3 rated or greater) than the first half. To claim that climate change is causing severe tornadoes is speculation and directly opposite data publicly available from the National Weather Service. While there’s an upward trend in all tornadoes, due to increased reporting courtesy of millions of cellphones and expanding populations, violent tornadoes are significantly down.

Third, the number of tornadoes this year has been below average, and in 2018, a record low year for tornadoes in the United States. Tornadoes in December aren’t unknown, or rare.

Finally, tornado outbreaks can’t happen without cold air, when cold air juxtaposes with warm moist air on a front, we get strong thunderstorms, and tornadoes. With a modestly warming world, the difference between equatorial and polar temperature lessens, which is why we have had a downward trend in violent tornadoes.

They left can’t fix COVID, inflation, gas prices, shortages, or even get cargo ships unloaded, but they would have you believe we can tax the climate and weather into submission.

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— Anthony Watts, Chico

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