Letter: The US is destabilizing the world

Most US citizens live in la-la land, oblivious to the facts of world affairs and the US extraordinarily over militarized foreign policy, that with its killing and country wrecking, and its creation of incalculable misery, hate, terrorists and refugees, is killing the possibility of a livable future.

U.S. Secretary of State James Baker’s famous “not one inch eastward” assurance about NATO expansion in his meeting with Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev on February 9, 1990, was part of a cascade of similar assurances about Soviet security given by Western leaders to Gorbachev and other Soviet officials according to declassified U.S., Soviet, German, British and French documents posted, Dec 12, 2017, by the National Security Archive at George Washington University (http://nsarchive.gwu.edu)

No country should ever trust the US.

The US instigated the unrest that ousted a pro Russian Ukraine president, and replaced him with a pro US puppet.

Remember the State Department’s Victoria Nuland’s leaked phone call.

The media only focused on her use of a swear word, totally ignoring that she was orchestrating Ukraine’s new anti-Russia government.

In a referendum with official turnout at 83%, 96% of the Crimean voters, voted to join Russia.

Israel never held a referendum to see if the Golan Heights Syrians wanted to join Israel.

If the US demands Crimea has to return to Ukraine, it should demand that Israel return the Golan Heights to Syria.

The US has destabilized, and is continuing to destabilize the world, not Russia.

— Lucy Cooke, Butte Valley

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