Letter: US is the world’s most aggressive country

Thinking about Bob Mulholland’s December 16 letter.

That Greatest Generation fought WWll, with about 405,000 Americans dying.

The Soviet Union won WWll with an estimated 16,825,000 dying.

After WWll, the Greatest Generation became intoxicated with a love for military action throughout the world, to force subservience to America, its Capitalism and its god Profit.

The Silent Generation and the Baby Boomers, when they weren’t obsessed with consuming more and more, supported using military might to force subservience to America.

The US is flooded with refugees/immigrants from Latin America because the US has militarily/covertly destabilized so many elected Latin American governments, trying to install subservient puppets who worshiped Capitalism and its god, Profit.

The US post 9/11 wars have killed about a million, with about 38 million refugees or displaced persons, and wrecked Afghanistan, Iraq. Libya, Syria, Yemen …

The New York Times and other establishment media are now promoting nearly hysterical fear of Russia and China.

The US is the world’s most aggressive country.

China and Russia do not even come close.

The US does not want “Peace on Earth,” it wants to rule the world, forcing subservience and its religion, a Capitalism whose god is Profit.  Concern for human rights, just a fig leaf.

The Greatest Generation, the Silent Generation, and Baby Boomers worshipped Profit and War and the military.

That has likely killed the possibility of a livable future, too much weaponry, hate and destruction and refugees for our fragile planet.

Most people are oblivious.

— Lucy Cooke, Butte Valley

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