Letter: What could possibly go wrong?

We can now look forward to rifle carrying teenagers roaming our streets taking justice into their own hands. What could possibly go wrong? For those who enjoy looking back to our past, to an idealized version of America, their wishes have come true. The wild, wild west is back, with everyone armed to the teeth, like cowboys of old. Every problem is solved with violence.

Our movies and even cartoons children watch from their earliest years, show violence as the solution to most problems. No need to teach communication, mediation. No need to develop understanding or problem solving skills. Firearms are the solution.  While our foreign policy dictates killing anyone who doesn’t do things our way, inside our country we have relied on law enforcement and our courts to bring justice. Now we can freelance justice, based on our own vision of what that is. We live in interesting times.

— Jeanne Thatcher, Chico 

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