Letter: Who are the deceivers, really?

Understand, I feel sorry for the useful idiots (Letter, July 29). The poor schmucks have been deceived by the very people they trusted to be honest and truthful, hence their present and future unhappiness. Pity aside, we still have to deal with them.

For one thing, how can we tell if someone is a useful idiot? Start with a first assessment based on their words. Here are a few of many such replies to comments I made to overtly Progressive or Liberal pages on Facebook. See the patterns?

  • Trump Trolls are also Putin’s Puppets
  • Nice projecting there fascist
  • And now Republicans ARE the Nazis.
  • And reich-wing media is busy trumpeting to the world
  • The Republican Party has become a fascist cult of personality
  • Lies spewing forth from far right Trump-cult sycophants
  • So Republicans and trumpidiots in particular?
  • Obviously yet another numerically illiterate Trump fan
  • You need to take a course on critical thinking.
  • So not sure why you are saying such rhetoric?
  • You’re a crap of a person who should not be entitled to live in the US.
  • He’s making it up and also regurgitating the barf he gets fed by the Q freaks.
  • Use actual undiluted/ non parsed, facts.
  • A halfwit fox news cultist, who is poorly LARPing at being a political analyst.

See how they have been lied to? Don’t you share my pity? The big question: Who are the deceivers?

— EJ Donmoyer, Paradise

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