Oroville City Council to consider several resolutions

OROVILLE — Oroville City Council may consider adopting the city meeting calendar for 2022 at its next meeting.

The Council will also consider adopting the statement of investment policy for 2022 for the city of Oroville.

The Council will also consider approving the master salary schedule to include the new Recycling Coordinator position to the master salary schedule and an increase to the minimum wage for two positions. The state of California received a minimum wage increase, going from $14 per hour to $15 per hour, that began Saturday.

Council will consider approving a housing program fund loan to AMG & Associates for the development of Prospect View Apartments located at 135 Nelson Ave. A resolution is proposed to authorize and direct the mayor to execute the security documents associated with the housing program fund loan of $100,000 with AMG & Associates for the apartments.

The council may appoint community members to serve on the Citizens Oversight Committee, Planning Commission, Arts Commission, Parks Commission and Housing Loan Advisory Committee in order to fill current vacancies.

The Council will hear several resolutions regarding the annexation of territory into the consolidated landscape and lighting maintenance assessment district, resolution of initiating proceedings for the annexation of territory into consolidated benefit assessment district, a resolution to declare intent to annex territory into the consolidated benefit assessment district and a resolution announcing an intent to annex territory into community facilities district and community facilities district.

The Council will review and consider approving an amendment to a ground lease agreement with the Robert M. Taylor Corporation for the first 15-year option period of the ground lease of the property located at the corner of Challenger Avenue and Chuck Yeager Way in Oroville.

The Council will consider approving a Housing Program Fund loan to Veteran’s Housing Development
Corporation for the development of Veteran Village Apartments, located on Mitchell Avenue. It is recommended that the Council should adopt a resolution that will create the parcel and easement that directs staff to continue to work toward developing housing for veterans.

Oroville City Council will meet on Jan. 4, 2022, at 4:30 p.m. at the City Council Chambers at 1735 Montgomery St.

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