Oroville Rescue Mission hosts drive-thru dinner on Christmas Eve

Most places stay closed on Christmas Eve. This drive-thru stayed open for all.

The Oroville Rescue Mission set up a drive-thru Christmas dinner at the El Medio Fire Department on Friday for the residents of Oroville. Families received take-out boxes with turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and green beans.

Executive Director of the Oroville Rescue Mission Steve Terry said they feed anyone who comes through on Christmas, regardless of their social or financial status.

“If someone comes in a Mercedes, we’ll feed them. And if somebody comes walking we feed them,” Terry said. “Christmas dinner, Thanksgiving dinner; we never worry about stuff like that”

Volunteers gave away take-out boxes with hot meals, wrapped presents for children, and six jars of peanut butter. They also gave jackets donated by local agencies, and jewelry donated from a foreclosed Forever 21.

Terry said the Oroville Rescue Mission has done Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners every year for more than 30 years. This year, the mission held a drive-thru style dinner due to COVID restrictions, but Terry said he hopes to bring back a sit-down event one day.

“I don’t like doing it this way because I’d rather have personal contact with them,” Terry said. “The drive-thru like this really lends itself to this type of situation. People don’t have to get out of their cars.”

Terry said on Christmas Eve in the past, they served 1,200 dinners. This year, he expects his team of volunteers to do the same.

Volunteer Lynann Pilley asked drivers passing by if they had children at home who needed presents. She delivered them to the visitors and wished them a Merry Christmas.

“I’ve been in the position where I needed help, so it’s great to be on the other side of it,” Pilley said. “It’s a good internal reward.”

Volunteer Roy Easley is an alumni of the recovery program run by Oroville Rescue Mission and showed up to volunteer for them.

“Every year I try to volunteer to help out with the food and help the guys out that are still in recovery,” Easley said. “My hope is that people that knew me in the streets see the example — see me and how I cleaned up and got right with myself.”

Easley helped prepare the turkey dinners given to the visitors.

“It brings joy to my heart to see people getting fed. Parents that can’t afford Christmas presents can get one,” Easley said. “We’re able to give them out and bless them this Christmas because we know it’s been a hard one this year.”

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