PID votes to accept grazing plan — if Butte Fire Safe Council pays for it

PARADISE — The Paradise Irrigation District voted last week to hire Hanski Family Farms for grazing services at  Magalia Reservoir — if the Butte County Fire Safe Council can fully fund the project.

The original proposal was a re-treatment of previously grazed areas in conjunction with the Butte County Fire Safe Council.

The total cost of the grazing project is $35,000, the fire safe council was offering to pay 75% of that cost, or $26,250.

The proposal was for PID to pay $8,750 for the project, however, the board would have to move that money out of the water treatment department to the operations department in order to pay for its portion of the program.

Board president Shelby Boston said that in order to approve of the agreement, they would be robbing Peter to pay Paul.

She noted that they would be doing it at a time when the water treatment plant has a lot of deferred maintenance that needs to be done to maintain water quality in the district.

The majority of the board was uncomfortable with spending any money on the project because the district simply doesn’t have the money at this time.

The entire board expressed support for the Butte County Fire Safe Council and the grazing project, but said they didn’t have the money to pay.

Sometime this week, the fire safe council is expected to get back to PID with an answer on if they can fully fund the effort.

Monthly billing change

Starting in January 2022, the Paradise Irrigation District will return to a monthly billing cycle.

Customers should expect to receive that billing in February 2022 and would reflect water usage in January.

PID customers can expect their November and January bills to include information on the move to monthly billing.

PID hopes to soften the change with a newsletter, social media outreach and signs on both Clark Road and the Skyway to inform customers of the monthly billing change.

According to the agenda, PID will spend about $6,100 per month on the change, with increased bill print and postage costs, the creation of the newsletter and the cost for payment acceptance.

PID says that the consumption billing will vary by customer depending on the installation date of the meter, customers will be notified 30 to 40 days before the first consumption bill.

The agenda item also noted that customers can use DropCountr that will help them understand their water use prior to receiving the very first bill.

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