SF Giants fill Wotus’ spot at third base coach with Posey’s college roommate

The Giants announced three moves on their coaching staff Tuesday, filling spots vacated by longtime third-base coach Ron Wotus and assistant hitting coach Donnie Ecker.

San Francisco promoted Mark Hallberg to third base coach after he spent the prior two years on Gabe Kapler’s coaching staff as an assistant coach.

Hallberg, 35, was Buster Posey’s teammate at Florida State. Hallberg’s arrival in Tallahassee is the reason why the recently retired Giants star moved from shortstop to catcher.

“I was like, ‘This guy’s more talented with the glove than I am at shortstop,’” Posey told The Athletic in 2019. “It was pretty obvious we were going to be a better team with him at that position.’”

The two eventually became close friends and roommates at Florida State.

Hallberg played pro ball in the Diamondbacks’ system, reaching Triple-A before retiring. He managed at Single-A Salem-Keizer in 2019 before joining the Giants.

Wotus stepped away from the field last month as the longest-tenured coach in the franchise’s San Francisco history. He was hired in 1998 by Dusty Baker after seven years as a minor-league manager with Giants affiliates and will transition into a new unnamed role in the organization.

Filling Ecker’s spot on the hitting staff is 32-year-old Pedro Guerrero, who was on Kapler’s staff in Philadelphia in the same role. Guerrero is not to be confused with the 65-year-old former Dodgers and Cardinals infielder by the same name who shared the 1981 MVP award. He stayed on the Phillies’ staff under Joe Girardi after Kapler was fired in 2019.

Ecker left the Giants last week after two seasons to become the Rangers’ bench coach.

Rounding out Tuesday’s moves was Taira Uematsu, 38, who will join the Giants as an assistant coach after spending more than a decade as San Francisco’s bullpen catcher.

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