Too many blessings for one manager to list | Why we (still) love Chico

As I focus on the many blessings that each day brings, I celebrate Chico and the resounding beauty that sings, from the drive up the Esplanade to a hike in Upper Park, a scenic masterpiece is on display which enlarges my heart!  A wonderful downtown with local entrepreneurs to amazing business creations that Chico brought to the fore (Sierra Nevada, Fifth Sun and; and I could go on with other successful business ventures too, but I do not have the time for that full review.

A vibrant university in Chico State, which brings higher levels of learning, life and energy to the landscape. To Enloe, the premier hospital in the North State, where comfort and peace are found when our needs are great. Barber Yard, Cal Park, the Avenues … Chapman Town, Canyon Oaks, and Meriam Park too … the unique neighborhoods that each of us choose, and I again only have time to name just a few. We are so fortunate for a City of our size, to have the minimal problems that impact our lives. But it’s on the greatness of Chico that I love and support, which always captures my heart and which I dearly adore, which I desire to focus on and earnestly pursue, to make this community shine amidst the contentious world views.  There’s so much more I could share and include, but off I go to engage in Chico, which I fervently choose, so it’s with that which I bid you adieu.

— Mark Orme

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