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Some parts of the column by Robert C. Koehler on Dec. 29 bear repeating.

War spews hell in all directions. My point here is that war is a collective enterprise. The U.S. military budget is virtually half our country’s discretionary spending, around a trillion dollars annually.

The defense budget’s endless growth despite the collapse of our official Cold War enemy, the Soviet Union, three decades ago, asks: “Why, then, does each year’s National Defense Authorization Act rise ever higher? Because, to state the obvious, Congress would rather engage in porkbarrel spending than exercise the slightest real oversight when it comes to the national security state.”

When we wage war, we dehumanize — then kill — a specific segment of humanity. In the process, we “fray” our own humanity … we become less human ourselves, and thus more in sync with the evil we claim to be obliterating. This is what’s happening to us right now.

The rate of vet suicides: around 60,000 in the last decade. Add in hate crimes. Add in the prison-industrial complex: “Since 1970, the number of incarcerated people in the U.S. has increased by 700 percent, to the point that the U.S. prison population is the largest in the world both per capita and in total numbers. The estimated cost of the U.S. mass incarceration system is $182 billion a year, with hundreds of private companies competing for government contracts.”

As we wage war, we dehumanize the world, in the process shattering its complex interconnectedness.

This does not make us safer.

— Charles Withuhn, Chico

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